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One of our main areas of work is the field of assessment. We help our clients develop systems  to gauge users' understanding, inclinations, prejudices, preferences and raw ability within a controlled environment. This has led us to develop some very exciting tools, particularly within the healthcare sector.


An interactive experience can frame a complex or difficult subject in a manner highly conducive to  learning.  From infancy we naturally learn through play and interaction and in adulthood this remains a most effective way to present information. PLA specialises in bespoke design and development of interactive systems for education and training.


The interface is the vital point of contact between any system and its user.  It is the key to interaction upon which rests the utility and often the successful adoption of a product.  Function and features mean nothing if the user cannot, or is unwilling to, use them.  We specialise in helping clients design and implement the user-facing elements of their products.


PLA is a development studio specialising in applied games and interactive design.  We are expert in crafting an interactive experience, combining an efficient technical resource with invaluable design services.


From day one our development process is goal-driven and we keep the purpose of every project in focus throughout. We work with a variety of clients across education, defence, healthcare and research - from consultancy on scope, budgeting, design, objectives, platforms to ground up development and full deployment.  We are here to offer assistance no matter what stage you are at.  Get in touch.



Games are, for many, the pinnacle of interactive systems.  They are the most challenging interactive systems to design and build and require an almost unparalleled understanding of the relationship between the user and product.  We develop games with a wide variety of clients and many of the team even develop personal game projects in their free time.

If you would like to help us play test upcoming alpha builds get in touch.


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